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About Us

Kaizen MicroLessons is an ed-tech company which has been founded by the Alumni of some of the most reputed IITs and IIMs of India. Founded in 2018, Kaizen Lessons aims at providing such products that can aid in the holistic development of your young ones.


We at Kaizen believe that small but continuous efforts can bring major changes in an individual’s life. And if these efforts start at a young age then the outcomes become even better.


We aim at awakening the curiosity into the young minds of our kids so that they start questioning anything and everything and try to seek answers of the unknown. This will help them build a personality which will not only stand apart from their peers but will also help build a perspective towards things.


Our niche is providing knowledge on out of the box concepts which hold equal importance as those topics in the regular school curriculum. The Kaizen way of learning provides learners a platform to learn, engage, and be excited about creating their own path towards discovering the world around them. 

Why Customers Love Us

Our range of products help in tweaking the cognitive, social, emotional, lingual and motor skills of the learner. We believe that having these skills helps children observing the nuances of the world around them and be prepared for what is coming in the future. 

Our way of providing learners with a rich experience has made people across 4 continents cherish us. With more than 4 stars on every product, we have become a much loved brand among parents.

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