Tiny lessons each day to bring out the Genius in my child.

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A little progress each day, adds to big results

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Kaizen Microlessons is very simple to user and subscribe to. The subscribers get access to both our mobile app and whatsapp channel.

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The content is delivered to the parent's/students' phone to enable you to be a part of the learning cycle of your child and engage in intelligent conversations with them

Spend 15 minute with kid

We help enable/ignite a 15 minute intelligent conversation every day, between the parent and the child. Such conversations stimulate logical reasoning, scientific temper and curiosity in their young minds.

Actively Participate in quizzes an contests

Scientifically designed lesson plans by IIT/IIM allumni, Kaizen Microlessons is based on proven japanese management principles. Super easy to use, Super-Fun to learn!

What do we teach in Kaizen Microlessons

kids learning tool


Logical Reasoning

Scientific Temper


Current Affairs & General Awareness

"Very creative and innovative way of learning. I never thought my 8 year old can know about space, biology, history. Best part is, all this while having fun."
With his daughter
Dr Amandeep
Mother of Raavi, Grade II
"Great content, learning made fun. Kids are loving it."
Amandeep Sidhu Sandhu-kaizen
Amandeep singh sandhu
Satisfied Amandeep's daughter

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